School of Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Equipping future forensic scientists and professionals in the criminal justice system with the skills and knowledge, they need to be competent and confident in their field. The SCJPS stands proudly as “The Citadel of the Patriots.

Our Mission

The School of Criminal Justice & Public Safety, in its dynamic atmosphere for learning, endeavors to train Criminologists and Forensic Scientists who embody the ideals of patriotism, justice, truth and integrity.

Our Objectives

The SCJPS aims to produce a graduate who:

  • demonstrates exemplary performance in the law enforcement profession;
  • ensures accurate, complete, and prompt conduct of case investigations;
  • promotes and protects human rights without discrimination and bias;
  • conducts criminological and forensic researches for community well – being; 
  • advocates crime prevention programs for a safer environment; and
  • exemplifies responsible leadership through socio-civic endeavors.

Programs Offered

We at the School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety follow a carefully crafted curriculum centered on producing competent professionals in accordance with the university’s mission. We train you in the fields of forensics and the scope of criminology.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety is a pioneer in offering programs under Criminal Justice Education. It was the first school to offer B.S. Criminology in the North and a pioneer for Bachelor in Forensic Science in the nation.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology


A four-year course helping craft future law enforcers. Educating students in the field of police administration, management, public safety, penology, basic law, and law enforcement.

Bachelor of Forensic Science


This four year-course aims to train students in using science in helping solve cases. It utilizes techniques and codes grounded in scientific research that will equip future forensic experts both in the country and globally.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Education with Specialization in Criminology

Pro-actively engage in closely studying the criminal justice system, analyze the issues, and contribute to its improvement through research and communication.

Master in Crisis and Disaster Risk Reduction Management

The MCDRRM is a two-year course that endeavors to keep professionals abreast of all types of risks that would occur in a community. The program focuses on prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery from disaster events. It aims to train professionals to become capable in the implementation of practical methods to reduce the effects of natural or man-made crisis situations.

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with Specialization in Criminology

Earn your doctorate while further helping improve the criminal justice system through critical analysis, discussion, and research.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety is a pioneer in offering programs under Criminal Justice Education. It was the first school to offer B.S. Criminology in the North and a pioneer for Bachelor in Forensic Science in the nation.

Research & Development

Research is a valuable tool in the actualization of the University of Baguio’s vision “in pursuit of perfection”.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety values research and understands its importance in the on-going improvement of criminology and the forensics fields. Its students and faculty have had their own share of published research that contributed to their specific professions or specializations.

Outreach & Extension Programs

UB and SCJPS always aims to help the community as part of its development. “To Serve and Protect” is one of the important aspects that we follow after all. Here are some of the services that we help in:

  • Violence Against Women and Children at Lucnab, Baguio City
  • Safe Space Act at Pinsao Elementary School, Baguio City
  • Data Privacy Act at Lucnab, Baguio City
  • Tree Planting at Busol Water Shed, Baguio City

Our Faculty

Empowered professionals who confidently educate and train a new generation of experts in forensics and criminology.

 Get to know our passionate teachers and staff helping train up future leaders, innovators, and professionals.

Linkages & Networking

To ensure that our students have every opportunity to learn, SCJPS has collaborated up with different organizations, corporations, and the government in order to give our students the all the resources and experience they need to be competent professionals.

We are proud to be partnered with the following:

  1. Baguio City Police Office
  2. Baguio City Police Office – WCPD
  3. Bureau of Fire Protection- Baguio City Fire Station
  4. Baguio City Jail- Male Dormitory
  5. Baguio City Internal Affairs Service
  6. Criminal Investigation and Detection Group
  7. City Social Welfare & Development
  8. Highway Patrol Group

News & Updates