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Equipping future forensic scientists and professionals in the criminal justice system with the skills and knowledge, they need to be competent and confident in their field. The SCJPS stands proudly as “The Citadel of the Patriots.

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Programs Offered

We at the School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety follow a carefully crafted curriculum centered on producing competent professionals in accordance with the university’s mission. We train you in the fields of forensics and the scope of criminology.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety is a pioneer in offering programs under Criminal Justice Education. It was the first school to offer B.S. Criminology in the North and a pioneer for Bachelor in Forensic Science in the nation.

Bachelor of Forensic Science (BFSC)

A degree program that provides students with a solid foundation in the scientific principles and techniques used to analyze physical evidence in criminal investigations. It covers various areas such as DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics, and crime scene investigation. Graduates are prepared for careers in law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, and other related fields.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM)

A degree program that focuses on the study of crime, criminal behavior, and the justice system. It covers various areas such as criminological theories, law enforcement, criminal investigation, and corrections. Graduates are prepared for careers in law enforcement agencies, security firms, and other related fields.

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with Specialization in Criminology

A graduate program designed for professionals seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in the study of crime and criminal behavior. The program emphasizes research, theory, and critical analysis of criminal justice issues, with a particular focus on criminological theories and their application to policy and practice.

Master In Crisis and Disaster Risk Reduction Management

A graduate degree program that focuses on the study of disasters, their management, and mitigation. It covers various areas such as risk assessment, emergency preparedness, disaster response, and recovery. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement effective disaster risk reduction strategies in various settings, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

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UB Receives Distinguished Reaccreditations from PACUCOA

The University of Baguio (UB) has once again proven its commitment to providing top-notch education as it proudly receives reaccreditation status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). This prestigious recognition acknowledges UB’s accomplishments and achievements in various academic fields, including its Bachelor of Elementary Education and Secondary Education, Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Criminology, and Computer Science programs.

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Research & Development

Research is a valuable tool in the actualization of the University of Baguio’s vision “in pursuit of perfection”.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety values research and understands its importance in the on-going improvement of criminology and the forensics fields. Its students and faculty have had their own share of published research that contributed to their specific professions or specializations.

Our Faculty

Empowered professionals who confidently educate and train a new generation of experts in forensics and criminology.

 Get to know our passionate teachers and staff helping train up future leaders, innovators, and professionals.