University of Baguio SCJPS Conducts Tripartite Review with Partners

To keep its mission of giving quality education going, the University of Baguio‘s School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety conducted a review with its industry partners to properly tune up its students.

To ensure that its graduates learn the rudiments involved in the practice of Criminal justice profession and to prepare them to perform exceptionally well in technical and academic aspects in the fields of Criminology and Forensics, the school has partnered up with different government organizations and offices, programs, companies, and other universities to ensure true quality education.

Hence, the School provides quality instruction that would cater to the outcomes-based development of knowledge skills among our students.  SCJPS is confident that by tapping the expertise of our industry partners, we are able to improve our practices in the academe. 

Collective efficacy between the academe and the industry fuels the quest for excellence of the SCJPS. The tripartite meetings conducted between SCJPS and its partner agencies started in 2018 and have continued as one of the best practices up to now.

The event was attended by representatives from Baguio City Police Office, Baguio City Police Office – WCPD, Bureau of Fire Protection- Baguio City Fire Station, Baguio City Jail- Male Dormitory (BJMP), Baguio City Internal Affairs Service, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, City Social Welfare & Development, Highway Patrol Unit, National Bureau of Investigation- CAR, National Police Commission-CAR, Philippine Public Safety College – CARTC, Regional Anti Cyber Crime Unit/Anti Cybercrime Group, Regional Internal Affairs Service, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15, and Commission on Higher Education.

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