SCJPS Empowers Community in Baguio City Through Literacy Outreach

Baguio City, April 20, 2024 – The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety (SCJPS) took a proactive step towards community engagement by joining a literacy and community outreach event in Monol, Brgy. Pinsao Proper. Hosted by the Research Innovation Extension and Community Outreach (RIECO) program, the event aimed to promote literacy and expand martial arts training to the residents of Pinsao Proper and neighboring barangays.

The event began at 10:00 AM with a training session led by Boxing Trainer Ms. Pais, an expert in the field. The session focused on teaching the basics of boxing to fifteen (15) Bachelor of Forensic Science interns, who eagerly participated and learned essential techniques and strategies under Pais’ guidance. 

To engage the children of Pinsao, experienced taekwondo trainer Ms. A. Alilis joined forces with Ms. Pais. UB Forensic Interns took the initiative to explain the importance of learning martial arts fundamentals to the children, creating a nurturing environment where learning was combined with fun. The children responded enthusiastically, eager to acquire new skills and knowledge.

The event caught the media’s attention, with UB Interns Mabunga and Alputan, along with Ma’am Riza Angiwan, being interviewed by media interns. They emphasized the significance of self-defense skills in modern society, shedding light on the importance of initiatives like this outreach event.

After the training sessions, boxing trainers Mr. Manipon, Mr. Velasco, Mr. Madegyem, and Mr. C. Alilis conducted an open boxing training session. Mr. Madegyem, leading the session, benefited not only the Forensic Interns and UB Marshalls but also two (2) constituents of Pinsao Proper and other community stakeholders. The participants were able to refine their skills further and gain valuable experience under the guidance of these experienced trainers.

As the clock struck 2:30 PM, the event concluded on a high note, with the organizers, Research Innovation Extension and Community Outreach, expressing their satisfaction with the outcome. The literacy and community engagement event successfully achieved its objectives, positively impacting the participants and the community as a whole.

The School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety’s commitment to community service and empowerment was evident throughout the event. By fostering education, physical fitness, and community involvement, they have paved the way for future endeavors that will continue to benefit the community and promote unity and progress.

Written by Marc Gerard Mabunga

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